ROAD TEST: Hyundai Creta 1,6 CRDi Executive AT

Team comments

A solid effort from Hyundai in an
important sector, but the Creta lacks sparkle

Ryan Bubear
Steve Smith

Roomy, well-made crossover makes a strong case in a competitive segment

Steve Smith
Nicol Louw

With Tucson prices heading north, this may be the next big seller for the brand

Nicol Louw
  • Basson

    The omission of ESP / TC etc is of serious concern. (I WAS very interested in the Creta but will move on to buy a competitor, only because of this reason)

  • teofli

    It looks nicer in the picture than in real life. I know the HRV is rather expensive, but it trumps this car.

  • Great marque!