TEST: Suzuki Ignis vs. Sandero Stepway vs. Cross Up!

Team comments

Gareth Dean

They’re all charming, but the Up! feels a
cut above its rivals here

Gareth Dean
Nicol Louw

Ignis for fun, Up! for style and Sandero
for standard specification

Nicol Louw

Sandero is spacious and Ignis charming, but Up! outclasses them both

Ryan Bubear
Sudhir Matai

Wallet-friendly Ignis has the best traits of
its rivals

Sudhir Matai
  • Chris Lambson

    Great test report as usual! We recently test-drove the Stepway and Ignis and CAR summarises the differences between them very well. I think that the Sandero would probably handle really bad roads better than the Ignis, though: this is becoming more and more important in this day and age! But the Sandero has a soggy engine and gearchange.
    We weren’t interested in the VW – it can’t seat normal adults in the rear, which was one of our main requirements

    • Guy

      suzuki is really catching on, i hope they keep the weight down on their cars as it makes them feel punchy, they just need to focus a bit on their seats…