Toyota Auris Sport X

Team comments

John Bentley

Good package
damned by bland
looks “ JB

John Bentley
Peter Palm

Good all rounder,
but needs more
oomph to match
the title “ PP

Peter Palm
Kelly Lodewyks

A comfortable
and solid
package, but not
what I would call
sporty “ KL

Kelly Lodewyks
  • Victor

    These days driving any new Toyota brands you as an old fogy. Will Toyota ever make something of beauty like the MR2 again?
    (A dull old fellow; a person behind the times,
    over-conservative, or slow)

  • MetalHed

    Still too expensive for a 1.6!!!

  • Niel Mohan

    Toyota very good cars. I currently own a runx and toyota has not made the new aurisX any exciting. I want to replace my current car but i see no reason why i should replace my current runx for an overpriced replacement which is not any better. Toyota where is the new RSI???

  • Graps

    Boring boring boring car. Just like the Yaris Sport – all show but no go

  • Ahmed Ginnah

    I am not a Toyota fan nor a Toyota driver, and I am NOT SURPRISED at the comments made above and I wholeheartedly agree with all the comments. TODAY ALL Toyotas are too expensive, bland and with ADD-ON horrible appendages, making an ugly slow car even uglier, heavier and a sore thumb to look at on our roads. Graps, Neil Mohan, Anonymous and Victor are say what you need to know about TOYOTAS. Nothing New except the high cost to purchase one. I am surprised to read (above article) that potential Toyota buyers DID NOT KNOW that the successor to the Run X was the Auris, and thus Toyota added the suffix \”X\” to the Auris range to make the connection clearer. Just shows the knowledge of cars the potential Toyota buyers have when making their choice of vehicle. I would rather buy a Mini Cooper S or an Alfa Mito Quadrifoglio for similar money and BLOW every Toyota Auris X away. It is NOT ABOUT GETTING THERE IT IS HOW YOU GET THERE(- in Style) . Ahmed Ginnah

  • Speed

    Sure this is not a RSi – but still one of the best 1.6’s
    Auris 97kw; 0- 100 = 10.4s
    Golf 1.6: 75kw; 0 – 100= 11.4s
    Renault Megane 1.6 83kw; 0- 100 12.3s
    Opel Astra 1.6 85kw; 0 – 100 = 12.3s
    Mazda 1.6 sport; 77 kw; 0 – 100= 11.4s
    BMW 116i; 85kw; 0 -100= 11.4s
    Ford Focus 1.8 – 92kw ; 0 – 100= 10.3s

    I own a Auris 1.6; 91kw and it goes – other 1.6 and even 1.8’s cannot keep up with this one and it handles like dream – also light on fuel. Good car – worth it.
    When the engine reach 3000rpm it takes off – feel like a turbo.

  • Victor

    @Speed. Now lets have a quick look what you can get for Auris money: VW Golf 1.4TSi R238k 90kw 0-100 9.7s Focus 2.0Si R244k 107kw 0-100 9.0s. Kia Koup 2.0l R210k 115kw 0-100 9.6s And of the cuff the Civic, Suzuki SX4 and quite a fe more all deliver more oomph for less rands. Personally I would take the Koup, pocket the R33 000 price difference and still drive rings around the Auris

    Live is just to short to drive a boring car

  • anthony

    Toyotas are the dullest,most boring cars on the market worldwide.
    Give me a Volkswagen,or Honda product instead anyday of the week.

  • Yster

    not bad looking. Only thing though, is take off the X badge or anything on the car that points to any sporty. This is just another lazy 1.6L trying to fool people into thinking its a performance car.

  • Louis

    I think all cars are too expensive but at least the Auris or any other Toyota dont need 100 turbos like some of the vw’s we see these days.

    It is getting very silly to just have this small engine and add who knows how many turbos.

  • Gareth

    @Lousie – Which vw has more than 1 turbo? If I remember correctly the 1.4 TSI from vw only has 1 turbo! Performance way better is fuel economy is better as well! Turbo chargers are the future for performance and fuel economy in standard production cars…