ROAD TEST: Toyota Yaris 1,3

Team comments

Gareth Dean

Capable enough, but that bold new face is an acquired taste.

Gareth Dean
Kelly Lodewyks

Better to look at, but not particularly exciting.

Kelly Lodewyks
Terence Steenkamp

This much-needed face-lift has placed the Yaris back in the game.

Terence Steenkamp
  • ArthurDent

    Fiesta, Polo, Rio, Clio, the new Mazda2 and Corsa . You must be crazy to buy this ugly thing

    • Bulldog

      I’m with you on this one, Arthur, it is now a very, very ugly little car.

    • Peter Freeman

      Newer, better, good looking cars… but perhaps someone enjoys frightening children and they may sell one after all, who knows…

  • vramaarnet

    Hope the Toyota Touch keeps connected to a cellphone better than my Fortuner’s bluetooth ‘connection’

  • Prince Valiant

    Reminds me of a cartoon character from my youth. Yosimite Sam.

  • Nick

    Would choose polo over this.