Volkswagen Polo 1,6 TDI Comfortline

Team comments

Mike Monk

Has a good, solid
image and reputation,
but lacks spec
and sparkle. Pricey

Mike Monk
Gareth Dean

Doesn't break the
mould its predecessor
set, but an
impressive package

Gareth Dean
Ian McLaren

Get accustomed to
the TDI's characteristics
and it's a nice
car. Feels a bit old

Ian McLaren
  • Miguel

    Doenst worth the price. Too priced and not so attrcative as Fiesta, Yaris, Jazz, Punto or Mazda 2.

  • Tom

    I drove one of these at the launch, and I honestly thought it was broken (was told that is was in fact operating normally)! Having driven the old Polo 1.9TDi (not even the hi spec one), the new one feels much slower and far less exciting to drive. It is very quite though, and the interior is a big improvement.