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Tracker South Africa, www.tracker.co.za


Tracker has been South Africa’s leading vehicle tracking company since the 1990s. And while vehicle tracking and Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) remains the company’s core business, the Tracker of today has evolved into a highly sophisticated technological company offering leading edge fleet management and telematics solutions to both individuals and organisations throughout Southern Africa.
But it’s more than this.
Tracker strives to create value for a broad range of people and industries. It’s about filtering and processing different strings of vehicle data and providing meaningful information that can be utilised and connected with other layers of intelligence to improve the lives of motorists, the general South African public as well as a wide spectrum of organisations in the insurance, vehicle manufacturer, fleet, dealer and other intermediary markets.
It’s about taking vehicle, route and driver information and creating true value propositions for a host of different audiences. Whether it’s powering a live traffic product or enabling tailored insurance offerings, Tracker South Africa wants to add value wherever it can, to whomever it touches.
By combining world-class products and services and feeding intelligent and accurate information back to both customers and various industries, Tracker believes that it can truly improve the lives of South Africans in ways that extend beyond only vehicle recovery.
Key to Tracker’s success has been the many symbiotic relationships it has established with the likes of the SAPS (with whom Tracker has a formal partnership), the insurance industry, vehicle manufacturers and dealerships as well as fitment centres and finance institutions.
But, regardless of how the vehicle tracking industry evolves in the future, one golden thread shall remain forever woven into the very fabric of this car tracking company:
By arresting thousands of criminals, saving hundreds of lives, and preventing scores of future crimes from ever happening, Tracker is and always will be a powerful force for good in South Africa dedicated to bringing down crime and Taking Back Tomorrow for all its people.


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AIDC, www.aidc.co.za


The Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC) has been established to assist in increasing the global competitiveness of the South African automotive industry to world-class levels by addressing the following challenges:

  • – The SA automotive industry requires qualified people to sustain existing growth and create new jobs. To compete internationally, skilled personnel are critical in promoting global competitiveness.
  • – SA component manufacturers, especially the lower tier levels are not yet globally competitive with reference to cost, quality and delivery requirements; and
  • – High logistical costs result from large distances to export and import markets and a sub-optimal logistics infrastructure within South Africa.

The AIDC works in partnership with business, Local, Provincial and National Government, Tertiary and Further Education Institutions and other national and international organisations to provide technical services to the automotive industry across all tiers of suppliers and assemblers.
Barlow Manilal, AIDC CEO
As a project-driven organisation with a focus on technical excellence and delivery, the AIDC provides accessible and affordable world-class services in the areas of skills development and training, supplier development and supply chain development.
The AIDC’s activities and presence continue to be focused in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape, where ongoing support from Provincial and Local Governments has resulted in significant collaborative projects aimed at supporting the local industry.