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CAR F1 App

The thrill of the Formula One season has been brought to Grand Prix enthusiasts in a new app from CAR magazine that not only offers the immediacy of each race but puts F1 fans in line in line to experience the action first hand.
The app, sponsored by Richelieu, replaces CAR's value-add F1 booklet and reflects both the brand's and the client's drive for innovation and immediacy using new media.
The F1 CAR App extends Richelieu's multiplatform involvement with CAR and the Grand Prix – the brand already supports content in the magazine and on CARmag.co.za. Now mobile consolidates its association, with the added benefit of longevity and personal interaction the always-on device will offer over the long race season.
Among the features provided by the app – released this week on both iOS and Android – are live updates by event, driver or constructor; calendar and map integration and a schedule of events according to the user's time zone.

Download the app from the Play Store and the iStore.

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CAR Daily App

The CAR magazine app gives users immediate access to the exhilarating world of South African motoring. Keep up to date with new launches. Get driving impressions of all the latest models. Read in-depth road test reports before making any buying decision. Stay up to date with the latest in motor sport, both locally and internationally.

You can download the app from the iStore, Nokia Store and Play Sore.

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