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Toyota 86 Limited Edition rear

by CAR magazine

Toyota 86 receives an upgrade

The Toyota 86 is a popular sight on local roads, for two main reasons: It is a Toyota; It is one of SA’s most affordable sportscars. Not one to rest on its laurels, Toyota SA Motors has launched a slight revised model with a few enhancements. Among these are a slight more rigid suspension se-up, …

Toyota 86 Open Concept

by Sudhir Matai

Toyota 86 Open concept images [with video]

Toyota is about to pull the wraps off its drop-top 86 model at the Geneva Motor Show next week but it seems someone within the organisation could not wait that long and leaked these official images onto the ‘net. Even though the number plates claim that this is the “Concept” model, the production variants are …

Toyota 86: This is just the start

by Hannes Oosthuizen

Toyota – 86 is just one of three new sportscars

Toyota’s 86 sportscar has been such a headline-grabbing project for the Japanese giant that it now appears to have given the go-ahead for two more performance-oriented models. In a recent interview the chief engineer on the 86 project, Tetsuya Tada, said that one of these upcoming cars will be even cheaper than the 86 – …

Toyota 86: the history of things to come

by Gareth Dean

Toyota 86: the history of things to come

The Toyota 86 has just been launched on the local market and the CAR team is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to sample Toyota’s most exciting model in recent years. Here we see the Toyota 86 taking a sideways drift down memory lane to pay homage to its spiritual ancestors: the Toyota Sports 800 and the AE86.

Check out our first driving impression of the Toyota 86 here