Tech Casebook

Japie in trouble

When I still worked on the bench I used to worry about making costly mistakes. It can happen to the best mechanics; I was lucky… Read more →

No adjustment

James Inchmore bought one of the more successful farms in the area after he immigrated to South Africa more than ten years ago. He never… Read more →

Tree talk

Our lunchtime under-the-tree session isn’t always boring. The other day, Japie said that, when a customer bought only two new tyres, we always fitted them… Read more →

Tricky twin

Last week, I was sitting in my office when a stranger walked in. After we exchanged greetings, I asked him what a BMW motorcycle rider… Read more →

Lightning diagnosis

Kewer Conradie is an expert on beetles … those members of the Coleoptera family. He has often regaled me with stories about the useful lives… Read more →