Wireless charging

Plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs) are not gaining ground as quickly as first anticipated. Their cost is one reason, but also the lack of… Read more →

Variable-drive supercharger

The current trend of engine downsizing to lower fuel consumption and emissions relies mostly on the use of direct injection and turbocharging in petrol engines…. Read more →

Software police

The costs associated with warranties are a big concern for automakers, especially if component failures result because of driver abuse. A way to curb some… Read more →

Radar parking sensors

Conventional parking sensors are useful in warning the driver of fixed objects, but they cannot prevent another moving object colliding from the side when reversing… Read more →

External airbag

Volvo is well known for its technical achievements in vehicle safety. And now it’s achieved another world-first: its V40 will feature an external airbag for… Read more →

Drowsiness detection

Fatigue at the wheel is one of the major causes of serious vehicle accidents. The American Automobile Association (AAA) did an analysis of 2010 accident… Read more →

Multi-layer fuel-line construction ensures low permeation and high strenght

Green fuel lines

A green fuel line sounds like a paradox but, in the case of a new product from Barricade, it rings true. Hydrocarbon permeation through fuel… Read more →