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Building a car

by Jake Venter on 24/01/2011

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I have been having a debate with a couple of friends of mine about whether it is possible to source individual car parts from a major company and then build a new car from these parts.


About 50 years ago somebody actually built a Morris Minor from new parts at something like six times the cost of a normal production model. More recently a Ford Model T was built solely from parts available at the Hershey Autojumble in the USA and an Austin 7 was built in the same manner at the Beaulieu Autojumble in the UK.

Modern cars with a welded body or floor-pan construction and many other components assembled by specialised tooling present considerable difficulties.

Even if you can get all the subassemblies, there is so much skill involved in getting it all together that we doubt whether an amateur or even a workshop can build a car this way. The cost of some of the parts will also be astronomical.