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VW oil usage

by CAR magazine on 10/02/2011

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I sent the following e-mail to Volkswagen to resolve two issues I have with my 2010 VW Jetta 1,4 TSI.

1. On refuelling at 10 140 km I had to top-up with two 500 ml cans of engine oil. Is it normal to top up that much oil at the particular mileage? VW did not respond to this query. 2. I have noticed the bonnet gets extremely hot at the right side bottom after a trip of about 3 km or longer. One dare not touch the bonnet. I visited the dealership where I purchased the car to enquire about this and was told that this is normal, which VW confirmed.


Mass production of engines results in a fairly wide variation of oil usage on the same engine. Some will use no oil between services and others will use some, but a usage of one litre per 10 000 km is actually very good. Volkswagen can, however, be blamed for not responding to this item. We cannot comment on the hot bonnet because you haven’t measured the temperature scientifi cally so it may indeed be normal for that model.