Here’s how Mazda’s clever new petrol engine works

Back in August, Mazda confirmed that it was developing what is set to be the world’s first commercial petrol engine to use compression ignition. And now the Japanese automaker has released a video explaining exactly how the new Skyactiv-X engine technology works.

Earlier, of course, the brand confirmed that the new engine would also employ supercharging. We expect the new engine to debut in the next-generation Mazda3, previewed by the Kai concept.

Watch the video above to see how the new engine works…

  • Legend Alonso

    wow, zoom-zoom

  • Jean Pierre Coetzee

    Koenigsegg was developing a motor like this for an Asian firm a few years ago. I have the suspicion that this is their design. Perhaps they’ll adopt the free valve technology next.

    • Swona

      Your suspicion would be incorrect.
      This engine was developed on the race track in japan and Daytona florida.
      SKYACTIV-D racing engine began development in January 2012 on Mazda6 MZ blue Skyactiv racing car.