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For over a decade, Securi-Lid has developed a reputation for designing and manufacturing a range of revolutionary roll-top covers. These strong and sophisticated covers are not only known for their perfect fit and durability, but they offer the peace-of-mind security to take your bakkie anywhere.

As a company always looking to improve its products, it has now developed the Securi-Lid 218, an all-new roll-top cover that will again disrupt the market.

Key new features

Sleek new look

The Securi-Lid 218 takes all that made the previous 216 roll-top cover so successful and has made even further improvements. As ever, the 218 adheres to an OEM’s strict manufacturing standards, and now has a sleeker design even better suited to your bakkie’s looks.

Improved practicality and usability

The new moulded handle not only provides a more comfortable grip when opening the lid, but the lid now retracts to multiple stopping positions, giving you the option of part-use of your load space when needed.

Cargo rail clips
A new and unique feature to the Securi-Lid 218’s roll-top cover are the cargo rail clips positioned underneath the lid. These moveable clips can be positioned on the rails according to the items you need to hook and secure while travelling.

Accessory channel

Keeping with tradition, a signature trademark integrated channel on the side rail allows you to fit both your work and leisure accessories.


Securi-Lid roll-top covers are available nationwide. A network of certified distribution and fitment centres guarantees customer satisfaction and service excellence.

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