Use South Africa's first end-to-end insurance app to get cover for your car, caravan, bike or trailer. Choose from competitive quotes and insure your wheels without wasting time on call centres or paperwork...

Keep the wheels turning

Lockdown or no lockdown, the one thing you don’t want to do is drive around without insurance. That’s not even legal! We all need cover against the unfortunate event of an accident, theft or damage.

So what’s stopping you?

But getting quotes is a hassle and once you get them, it’s difficult to compare them. 

If you go the aggregator route, they’ll only get you indicative rates. And that still needs to be followed up with a phone call and some more time-consuming questions. 

If you go direct, you only have one quote and nothing to compare it to. Plus, often you can only insure your car with an insurer, but not your trailer, bike or caravan.

Now for the good news

The Ctrl app gets you multiple quotes from different insurers to compare side by side. It’s quick and easy. And because it’s real quotes (not merely rates) you can accept a quote and have cover right there and then… even at the motor dealership while signing the papers if you’d like! 

Another benefit of the app is that you can insure all your other wheels on the same platform. From your camping trailer to your bike. And of course, nothing is stopping you from insuring your household contents, all risk and building as well. Everything can be done in a single app, for your convenience.

Here’s how it works

- Enter your details and load the assets you want to insure only once.

- Do a quick financial needs analysis while you wait for your quotes.

- Compare real quotes side by side. 

- Accept a quote and Ctrl becomes your advisor - available to help with claims, advice, and home & roadside assistance in case of emergencies. 

The My cover screen in the app gives you a neat breakdown of all your insured assets and monthly premiums, as well as what’s covered and what to look out for. 

Ctrl offers choice, convenience and transparency. What’s not to love about this new, smart way to insure your vehicle and any other wheels? Get the app now.