Ctrl, South Africa’s first digital insurance advisor, makes it easy to insure the personal belongings you take with on the road in case of accidental damage or theft...

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing

With summer holidays around the corner, most of us will head out for some much-needed rest and relaxation after this crazy year. Whether you go camping or hitting the beach, you’ve probably thought about cover for your ride, but what about the stuff you take with you?

Stuff like your camera, laptop, phone, headset, sunnies and jewellery. These are probably some of your favourite things and you can’t imagine being without them, so chances are good they’ll get packed in together with your beach bats and boardshorts as you hit the road.

But don’t just assume they form part of your household contents. The moment you take them out of your house, you run the risk of it not being covered. “And what if something gets stolen out of my car?” Well, that’s exactly why you need to have cover in place with those items specified.

Move around with peace of mind

Enter Portable Possessions or All Risk Cover. Whatever you call it, it refers to the kind of insurance you’ll need against loss or damage of the stuff you take with you when you leave the house.

Ctrl makes it easy for you to tick that box. Because although we hate to even consider the possibility of any of our prized personal belongings breaking or getting stolen, it does happen and then you’d probably want to replace them asap with the least amount of hassle.

Ctrl helps you tick the All Risk box

The Ctrl app is available for free on IOS and Android and is the perfect way to insure your car, household contents, buildings and the stuff you take with all in one place. It’s convenient, transparent, and it offers you a choice between multiple quotes from South Africa’s most trusted insurers.

There are at least five ways in which Ctrl makes it easy to insure the stuff you take with. 

- Get multiple quotes you can compare side by side from top insurers within minutes, any time of the day or night, anywhere you choose. Just follow the prompts and load the assets and items you would like to insure.

- Easily add on something to an existing policy. It’s really easy to add items to the policy you already have, whether it be vehicle or household or both.

- A friendly, human advisor available on chat if you need any advice or help to choose the right cover for your requirements.

- Immediate cover in the app - no phone calls or paperwork and no wasted time.

- Easy claims process through the app, with home or roadside assistance only a click away.

So before you jet off to your favourite spot to chill this December, make sure you can really relax without worrying about a thing. Get the app for free and get that cover sooner rather than later. Visit ctrl.co.za for more.