When buying car insurance, do you fully understand what you’re signing up for? Does your insurer explain to you just how comprehensive your comprehensive cover is? How the telematics work in your black box? Does your car even have a black box? Are you covered for accidents only or AD&D? Do you know what AD&D stands for? Adventurous Dungeons and Dragons? No, it does not…

Sometimes, signing up for car insurance can sound complicated. But, when you sign up with iWYZE, your curiosity shifts into sixth gear and ignites your spark plug. We break down complicated insurance jargon to enable you to make wise insurance choices. We do this in a way to fuel your interest in what you’re buying to protect your ride. As one of the most expensive possessions you own, we want you to know more. More about the protection we offer for the things that matter most to you. With meticulous attention to detail, we offer you only the wisest choice of car insurance.

Why are we the wisest insurance choice? Because with the knowledge we give you, you’re the one who’s making a wise choice. And you’re the type of person to only make wise decisions, aren’t you? Decisions like getting value-added products and services like iWYZE scratch and dent cover which takes care of all minor dents and light scratches to keep your car looking brand-spanking-new. Or iWYZE tyre and rim damage cover, which isn’t normally included in standard car insurance because it falls within your excess range.

Making the wise choice of choosing these value-added products and services above your insurance policy gives you the surety of knowing that your car is 100% fully covered. Who knows what unexpected detours owning a car might lead to, like finding your back window smashed because you left a jacket on the backseat? iWYZE is always there to have your back no matter what.

That’s why we offer extensive covers that include things like lightning cover because you never know when life wants to pick on you specifically. With third-party, fire and theft insurance you’re covered for all liability to third parties and third-party claims made against you for car or property damage or injuring another person, hijacking of your car, theft or attempted theft of your car, and loss or damage from fire, lightning and explosion.

Is your car paid off or do you simply not drive very far anymore? Then simple third-party insurance is perfect for you. This will be light on your wallet when involved in an accident, so you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for someone else’s car to be fixed. But if you love your ride just as much as we do then you’ll get all the bells and whistles with our comprehensive car insurance. Get cover for all liability to third parties and third-party claims made against you for car or property damage or injuring another person, hijacking of your car, theft or attempted theft of your car, loss, and damage to your car, accidents and natural disasters. You can also get additional car hire cover and credit shortfall cover. All of these options are smart decisions made by you.

No matter which covers suit you best, all plans come with built-in benefits that are all in your best interests. We go above and beyond for you and your car as we provide you and your precious cargo with additional protection against unforeseen road emergencies. We cover any emergency medical expenses should any passenger in your car be injured in an accident and trauma counselling if you or a member of your family is the victim of a hijacking, armed robbery, or violent or attempted theft. We cover car keys, locks and remotes in the case of loss or damage and emergency accommodation expenses for you and one passenger for up to two days if you have an accident more than 250 km away from home.

Our road emergency services cover is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You are never alone. This service is automatically included with every car you insure with iWYZE and includes cover for a flat tyre, flat battery, keys locked inside the vehicle, your car running out of fuel, mechanical and electrical breakdown (excluding accidents), a tow to the nearest service provider or place of safekeeping, and transmission of urgent messages. If an incident happens 100 km from your home then you’re covered for vehicle storage, repatriation of vehicle and hotel accommodation, car rental or taxi.

Get even more mileage for your money by signing up for a cash-back bonus to receive 10% of your premiums back in cash after every three claim-free years, or bundle and save by insuring more than one of your cars with iWYZE to lower your premium per vehicle.

Make sure you never worry about cash again by choosing Drive WYZE Lite, car insurance that’s at 50% of the price of traditional car insurance. Designed for fully paid up cars valued up to R75 000, you can now stop worrying about finding the cash to fix your car after an accident. Drive WYZE Lite keeps you and your car on the road and covers claims settled in cash, your choice of repairer and low monthly premiums of only R200.

Choosing iWYZE to insure your car is as easy as turning your ignition key. We start your engine for you when it comes to understanding which insurance plan you need, but the final destination is up to you. You know your car better than anyone else, now you know to make a wise choice and insure your car with iWYZE car insurance.

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iWYZE is underwritten by Old Mutual Insure Limited. Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 12). T's & C's Apply. Premium is risk profile dependent.