With the cost of living constantly increasing, more and more people are opting to keep their vehicles for longer, shying away from purchasing a new set of wheels. While a new car comes with higher expenses, the peace of mind you enjoy knowing your pride and joy is covered by an extensive warranty does alleviate many concerns. Due to continued use and wear and tear, older vehicles generally require more upkeep and attention, meaning higher running costs.

Toyota South Africa Motors understands this, knowing that an unexpected repair has the potential to wipe away your emergency fund in one fell swoop. With Toyota Genuine, owners of new and older Toyota models can now extend or reinstate the warranty of their vehicles at some of the industry’s most competitive pricing.

But first, what exactly is Toyota Genuine? Well, it's a portfolio of genuine products and approved services designed to keep your Toyota genuine, while running reliably and safely.

There are further benefits that come with keeping your Toyota genuine:

Uncompromised safety
Keeping your Toyota genuine means you don't have to compromise on your vehicle's safety, as all products and services are specifically designed for Toyota models.
Guaranteed quality
All products and services enjoy full backing by Toyota South Africa.
Peace of Mind
Knowing that your Toyota will run smoothly, maintaining the values of quality, durability and reliability that the brand is built upon.

Along with genuine parts and servicing, the Toyota Genuine warranty is available to many Toyota owners. The Genuine Unlimited Warranty and Genuine Pre-Owned Warranty+ are the only manufacturer-approved warranties to either extend or reinstate the Toyota warranty so owners can enjoy the same level of cover.

What is the difference between the two?

Genuine Unlimited Warranty: This covers the cost of repair or replacement as a result of the failure or malfunctioning of a component due to material or manufacturing defect. Parts and labour are covered as per Toyota's warranty. For Toyota hybrid drivers, the Genuine Unlimited Warranty covers the hybrid componentry, including the hybrid battery. As a bonus, all Toyotas receive 24/7 roadside assistance as well as Road Guard (road accident cover) for the period of the warranty cover.

Genuine Pre-Owned Warranty+: The Genuine Pre-Owned Warranty+ offers nearly all the benefits of the Genuine Unlimited Warranty, including the cost of repair or replacement as a result of failing or malfunctioning components due to a defect, be it material or manufacturing related. Road Guard and 24/7 roadside assistance is also available for the duration of warranty cover.

What are the benefits of a Genuine Unlimited Warranty and Genuine Pre-Owned Warranty+?

Toyota Approved
These are the only warranties approved and backed by Toyota South Africa. A genuine Toyota service, it offers an uninterrupted extension of Toyota's warranty, in both cover and claims.
With Toyota Genuine Warranties, you receive remarkable cover at competitive premium rates, with the option of monthly payments.
At no additional cost, you enjoy the full backing of Toyota's 24/7 Roadside Assistance Programme, giving you assistance when you need it most.
Thanks to Toyota's extensive dealer footprint, the claims process is fuss free. Full integration with Toyota South Africa's systems saves you time at any one of our dealerships.
Peace of Mind
Qualified, expert technicians making use of Toyota Genuine parts carry out the necessary and required repairs, meaning you will be back on the road in no time, knowing your Toyota has been repaired to the highest standard.

What are the periods of cover?

With the Genuine Unlimited Warranty there are various options. Clients can choose from either a six-year/unlimited km or eight-year/unlimited km warranty (from the original date of sale), while a 10-year/unlimited km plan is made available by Toyota SA for hybrid vehicles.

The Genuine Pre-Owned Warranty can be specified up to two years from inception (after a 45 day no-claim period) up to a maximum mileage of 250 000 km.

Is my Toyota eligible?

The Genuine Unlimited Warranty is available for all Toyota vehicles currently within the manufacturer warranty and with no more than one missed service (not older than three years, with mileage below 100 000 km). Unfortunately, this is not available for taxis, rental vehicles or vehicles with modifications. Vehicle abuse, driver negligence and inadequate maintenance are further exclusions.

The Genuine Pre-Owned Warranty+ is available for Toyota vehicles that are outside the manufacturer warranty, but are not older than seven years, with mileage below 200 000 km. A further requirement is that there have been no more than two non-consecutive skipped services. Again, the Genuine Pre-Owned Warranty+ is not available to taxis, rental vehicles or vehicles with modifications. General wear and tear, driver negligence and inadequate maintenance exclude any potential vehicles as well (while a 45-day no-claim period post purchase applies).

Interested? There are a number of ways to obtain a quote:

Toyota website (www.toyota.co.za/genuine): Click on Service Plan from "Warranty and Service Plan" icon, quoting under "Get a Quote". For current models select model/derivate, for previous models enter registration or VIN number (system will qualify vehicle in terms of age, service history and mileage) before allowing a quote.

Toyota mobisite (www.toyota.co.za): Select the Toyota Genuine Section and click on "Warranty and Service Plan" icon and open Warranty section. For current models select model/derivate, for previous models enter registration or VIN number (system will qualify vehicle in terms of age, service history and mileage) before allowing a quote.  

MyToyota App: Select the "Toyota Genuine" section of the App, followed by "Warranty" to obtain a quote.

The Toyota Genuine Warranty can be purchased in three ways:

1. These products can be included into the purchase price of your Toyota or from Automark. If you like, it can be financed too.

2. If, during ownership you decide to purchase an Unlimited or Pre-Owned+ warranty, this can be done through any Toyota dealership, providing your vehicle qualifies.

3. If you prefer to pay a monthly installment, that is available through the Innovation Group. The monthly payment option usually runs over 24 months. Your local dealership staff will be more than happy to assist with queries regarding monthly installments. Alternatively, contact the Toyota Genuine Contact Centre on 0860 123 329. Here, dedicated staff can assist you with a payment plan that best suits you. For TFS customers, the Genuine Warranty installment can be added to your existing finance contract, provided the remaining period allows for it.

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