CAR Conference 2013 speaker bio: Jakkie Olivier

Mr Jakkie Olivier – RMI Chief Executive Officer

Jakkie Olivier is the Chief Executive Officer of the Retail Motor Industry organisation (RMI), which celebrates more than 100 years of serving its 7 500 members, ranging from vehicle dealers and motor body repairers to workshop and service station owners.

Olivier began his career at the RMI taking care of the service station industry and later became the regional manager of the Northern region, one of the RMI’s six regional offices. Before being appointed as the CEO, he served as the as the organisation’s Executive Director for 14 years. In addition to his work at the RMI, he has been the chief negotiator for the entire retail industry (18 000 businesses employing 280 000 employees collectively) for the past 15 years, where he was instrumental in securing multi-year wage agreements for peace and stability in a rather volatile labour market. Jakkie took the helm of the RMI in July 2013 and currently serves on the Boards of merSETA, MIBCO, MIFA and Moto Health.