CAR Conference 2016 speaker bio: Adrian Velaers

Adrian Velaers

Adrian VelaersAdrian Velaers has been the Senior Technical Advisor for Sasol’s Retail and Commercial fuels business since 2014, managing technical services and product quality for Sasol fuel customers. Mr Velaers begun his career in 2006 at Sasol.

Prior to this role Mr Velaers was a fuel research engineer at Sasol’s Fuel Application Centre in Cape Town. Sasol operates a state-of-the-art engine testing and fuel research facility where all Sasol fuels are developed and tested for South African conditions. Mr Velaers specialised in diesel engine injector deposit control and exhaust emissions measurement which lead to the development of the additive packages currently used in Sasol’s product range. The research conducted by Mr Velaers has been published in numerous peer reviewed journals and presented at international automotive conferences, with some aspects resulting in patents granted. This test work enables Sasol to produce synthetic fuels that can be applied directly into the market, complying to or exceeding the national specifications.

This technical expertise helps to understand the effect of fuel specifications on engines in the market as well as new engine and exhaust after-treatment technologies that will enter the market in future.
Sasol’s engine testing facility is unique in South Africa and has been used extensively in conjunction with CAR magazine to provide technical expertise on various fuel related issues facing the South African motorist. Mr Velaers holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering

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