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TrackerTracker South Africa was established in 1996 and currently connects over 1 million vehicles, making it the region’s dominant brand. To most people, Tracker is seen as a Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) company, and while SVR is still at the core of our business, we have evolved significantly over the last 20 years.

Through a culture of continuous innovation, driven by an experienced and dynamic team, Tracker has built a reputation far beyond its SVR roots which positions us as the leading provider of telematics solutions to an automotive ecosystem which includes Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), Dealers, Insurers, Fleet Operators and Consumers. Providing value added information to our clients has grown exponentially as we have evolved our data systems and interpretation.

Today, Tracker is data – how we collect it, process it and turn it into knowledge that allows us to provide proactive value to our partners and customers. The amount of data we gather is staggering, with over 35 million telematics messages generated daily. However, raw data is worthless and Tracker’s ability to interrogate and extrapolate meaning is what sets us apart, making us one of the most obvious and sought after partners for businesses grappling with the challenges of a connecting world.

Tracker. To Care is to Protect.

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GumtreeAt the time he was the only South African employed by the local subsidiary of the global, US-based e-Bay company. Now, the Gumtree staff in SA numbers 12 people, some located in Sandton and the others at the marketing office in Cape Town, not to mention a large component based in offices in the United Stated States and indeed, around the globe Automotive now accounts for 40% of the traffic C on the website, which has 14 categories. There are always at least 200 000 vehicles listed on Gumtree Auto–about 70% of them placed by dealerships. These adverts remain live for 30 days. Gumtree is now the No. 1 e-commerce site in SA for automotive, rentals, pets, jobs and services, according to stats website Effective Measures.

A recent count has shown Gumtree as having an unduplicated audience of 2 277 370 people, compared to the 1 059 365 of second-placed This equated to a total market reach of 28.64% for Gumtree, compared to 13.32% for, again quoting Effective Measures. Interestingly 42% of all Gumtree traffic is now on mobile with a growing number of apps. The automotive category is now the largest showroom in South Africa and attracts 31-million page views each month, which generates 220 000 emails or telephone leads per month, with 40% of site traffic going to auto searches. An important recent addition to the Auto site is a car price checker for all users which gives a real-time price on all makes and models.

This feature is based on prices of actual models on the site and is an average price and allows users to conduct de-tailed price comparisons. A number of special features, of particular interest to dealers, have been on trial as Gumtree Auto Phase 1 and will be rolled out next month under the nameGAIT (Gumtree Auto Inventory Tool) with a special “dashboard” that dealers use to operate this system. This system affords dealerships benefits such as the ability to manage ads across dealerships across the country, add graphic design overlays and monitoring staff and leads from anywhere in the world. The company also made changes to its existing free system. Private and small trade sellers can enjoy two free listings, after which a nominal fee will be introduced. The pressing issue of duplicate ads will thus be addressed, while the refreshed search engine will include M&M codes.

“Although we are the biggest automotive site we have one of the lowest rate cards, which make advertising on Gumtree a very attractive and affordable proposition. We recommend dealers place up to 12 photos with each car advertised The dashboard then tags every advert listing with 16 vehicle specifications so as to put more information at the potential buyer’s fingertips,” added Osborne.

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Jeff Osborne of Gumtree