BIKE FEATURE: We visit exciting BMW Bike collection

It is difficult to sum up the afternoon’s visit in three pages. From the moment Derick opened the door to his collection, the stories flowed; from one trip to the next, from one motorcycle to the other.

His motorcycles are pristine and if they are not, some serious work is still to be done. Donovan Muller from Cytech Motorcycles is on hand for any type of restoration and servicing. Over the years, Donovan has done numerous restorations for Derick and the results are world class. The variety in this collection is partly the reason this is so impressive. However, these bikes are not parked in this facility to merely be exhibited. Each of them can be taken out and ridden hard at the drop of a penny.
Derick’s sons and wife are part of this adventure and in any given year, it’s not uncommon for them to ride more than 60 000 km on a motorcycle. “It started with collecting the motorcycles from my father’s era. Next up, we collected BMWs from the ‘70s such as the R90/6 and R60/6. As we speak, I have two currently undergoing restoration in the workshop.”

The only non-standard BMW in the collection is a black and white R50/5 that Donovan built. He won the American Bike Builders competition with it in 2016.
“I got the side-car model for my granddaughter so she can ride with me. She is crazy about motorcycles and I’m crazy about her! The modern 650 GS is my wife’s bike. She rode this motorcycle around South Africa to all 50 lighthouses in 19 days during which we covered 7 200 km.”

Derick’s love for all things on two wheels started at a young age. “The first motorcycle I learnt to ride was a Yamaha Chappy. I rode on the farm and did some enduro and motocross riding as well. My father loved BMWs; both their cars and their motorcycles.”

His favourite bike in the collection is not one of the classic models, but an F 800 GS he calls Pumba that has been completely customised for adventure riding (including a tank range of up to 900 km). Derick has covered tens of thousands of kilometres with this motorcycle. He has a soft spot for BMW adventure bikes. “That Series 1 2004 BMW 1200 GS was my father’s bike. Unfortunately, he cannot ride anymore and I took it over.”

Along the wall is the entire history of the BMW GS (or G/S, an abbreviation for the German Gelände/Straße, meaning terrain/street) adventure bikes, from the earliest to the latest model.

“I collect the top model from each range, complete with their boxes and side panniers.” One of the prettiest bikes in the collection is an R50/2. It is perfectly restored and he decided to do a neat chrome job on some of the parts. It looks immaculate, especially with all the tasteful additional accessories.
“One of the most important things with a collection such as this is the passion, time and to not give up on it. The dedication to find them, collect them and then finally be able to follow the process until they are in this condition. You need to source from across the world to be able to own motorcycles in this condition. When I travel overseas, I make a point to search for parts that we may need to finish a bike.”

Two of Derick’s technical employees assist him with the collection and will often machine parts on their CNC machines or help with the general maintenance of the motorcycles. “I always say, I’ve never needed to see a psychologist in my life because when you own a motorcycle, you don’t need one. I’ve also never seen a motorcycle in front of a psychologist’s office!” Come to think of it, neither have we …

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