Editors Notes

March 2018

“Don’t worry, everyone’s a winner.” There are few utterances that get my eyes rolling more than that little fence-sitter. Give me a bloody break. Everyone… Read more →

February 2018

Around 70 years separates two significant vehicles in this month’s issue. Both are from the same brand, and both have fulfilled the same automotive function… Read more →

January 2018

G, T, R, and S. When it comes to cars, these four le ers have only ever meant one thing: performance. From the 1929 Alfa… Read more →

December 2017

Beige. As colours go, that’s about as nondescript as it gets. Lacking the vibrancy of white, or the bravery of brown, beige is just, well… Read more →

November 2017

The “What’s-the-pointers” will have a field day with that sliver of carbon-fibre and rubber on our cover this month. What is the point, I hear… Read more →

October 2017

The eighth year of a decade clearly has cosmic automotive relevance. General Motors built its 100 millionth car in 1967; Ford could boast the same… Read more →

September 2017

Flying cars … they were supposed to be here by now. If you read future-speculative articles from the 1950s, in this second decade of the… Read more →

August 2017

There can’t be a more anticipated vehicle this year than the Mercedes-Benz X-Class double cab. When we first revealed the concept’s images and details on… Read more →

July 2017

General Motors has left . Again. Following the American giant’s departure, there remains a big hole in the South African automotive landscape, plus many people… Read more →

June 2017

These days, you can’t buy a bad performance car. They may display vastly different characteristics and require either very little or a whole lot of… Read more →