Cover stories

DRIVEN: Toyota Hilux Dakar - We travel to the edge of the Kalahari to sample a special edition of Toyota’s Hilux
PORSCHE'S 70TH BIRTHDAY: Oldest in SA: Porsche 356 A 1600 Super - This concourse example of the iconic 356 is the oldest-running matching numbers Porsche in SA
TESTED: Opel Grandland X 1,6T Enjoy AT - Late to market, what can the newest Opel offer in the
bustling midsize SUV/crossover segment?
TESTED: Lexus LS500 vs. Mercedes-Benz S560L 9G-tronic - Lexus bows in with a brand-new LS. Strikingly designed and lavishly equipped, how does it fare against the recently facelifted Mercedes-Benz S-Class?
PORSCHE'S 70TH BIRTHDAY: Drive: Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package - Has deleting the GT3’s distinguishing feature created the most appealing Porsche GT to date?

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CONSUMER FEATURE: Old cars, new tricks - Tired of your vehicle’s basic entertainment system? We investigate the aftermarket options
TECH FEATURE: Electric vehicle 2.0 - We investigate the technology behind the second wave of EVs set to challenge the internal-combustion establishment like never before
PORSCHE'S 70TH BIRTHDAY: The milestone cars - Consistent evolutionary change is the Porsche way, sticking to the principles that make its cars great but always embracing change to make them even better. These are the cars that have built the brand
SPEED: Red Bull’s rising sun: Red Bull has announced a switch from Renault to Honda power for 2019. The move comes as no surprise. But the thinking behind the outcome was as complex as its future effect
DRIVE: McLaren Senna - The newest member of McLaren’s Ultimate Series proves worthy of its big name