The seventh annual CAR Liqui Moly Virtual Le Mans Challenge is exactly a month away and just like last year, we’re allowing a single team entry from outside Cape Town to join in on the fun of chasing the most coveted title in digital racing – the Virtual Le Mans floating trophy.

The event will be run using Gran Turismo 5 and PlayStation 3, which means that even though all the teams are assembled in one place – being Canal Walk shopping centre in Cape Town – the racing happens online.

All you need to enter is to have an existing PlayStation Network (PSN) account so we can invite a team member to qualify, be on at least level 23 in GT5 and have enough credits to purchase one of the racecars mentioned below on the game. Please note that the car you race with is the car you qualify with.

All entries (that is, if you agree to the requirements listed below), will be accommodated for. Simply list your team name, the names, ages and contact details of each team member (three per team please), as well as the PSN username of at least one team member and send it to [email protected] for us to confirm your entry. Make sure your entry is as detailed as possible please!

Qualifying for this year’s CAR Liqui Moly Virtual Le Mans Challenge will happen in groups of 16 or smaller, after we inform each team when they’ll be qualifying, online. The aim is simple – do ten laps of the current Circuit de la Sarthe (the chicaned version) in the fastest time possible. For this year’s event, please note that ABS and traction control systems will not be allowed.

Realism for qualifying and the event will be on a maximum setting, but to ensure only the fastest teams qualify for this year’s event, the qualifying sessions’ weather setting will be left on dry – that however, will not happen on raceday.

The teams with successful entries will be notified on Monday 27 May about when the qualifying sessions will happen.

A separate qualifying session will happen for entries from outside the greater Cape Town area. Only one team will be selected to join the Cape Town qualifiers for the 24 hour event on 22/23 June. Please note that it is imperative for the team to be able to fly from one of the major airports in South Africa. The team will then be transferred from and to Cape Town International.

No entries will be accepted after midday on Friday 24 May 2013

The requirements are

  • That each team be able and willing to participate in qualifying and the event.
  • That each team has an existing PSN account so that they can be invited to qualify and compete on raceday.
  • That each team and its members be at Canal Walk Shopping Centre (if fast enough during qualifying) between 10h00 and midday on Saturday 22 June to “draw straws” for seating, setting up, and free practice.
  • In-car view will be necessary during the actual event, but is not necessary for qualifying.
  • All cars will be raced with manual shift transmissions (Please note that this year paddle shifting will be banned on the Logitech G27 systems provided. Teams will be required to use the clutch and H-pattern gearshifter for the event. To once again ensure that only the fastest teams qualify, we will allow teams to use paddle shifting during qualifying).
  • Driver changes happen at two-hour intervals during tyre and fuel stops. Please note that teams are required to stick to the driver order chosen.
  • If your TV, PlayStation, Logitech G27 system or any other element of the race station packs up during the 24 hours, consider yourself retired, or try to fix it yourself.
  • Only in the event of a universal power outage will the race restart.
  • The winner is the team to complete the most number of laps in the 24 hours
  • On the day of the event a 10 minute break will be needed halfway through the race in order to reset systems, as only 200 laps are possible in My Lounge. The winner will be the team with the most combined laps of the two sessions.
  • GT5 will be set to full accident damage and changing weather conditions, so if you crash, or spin off and damage your vehicle – then you’ll have to make it back to the pits, where the vehicle will repaired.
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  • Also, please bear in mind that you have to be able to travel to the Canal Walk shopping centre in Cape Town, on June 22 on your own steam.
  • You don't have to organise accommodation for the night of the 22nd.
  • Please also keep in mind the following: The judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Participation in the competition constitutes acceptance of rules.

This year, competitors have a choice of one of these three Le Mans legends.

Ferrari 330 P4 race car 1967

Ford Mark IV race car 1967

Jaguar XJ13 race car 1966  


Entries for this year’s CAR Liqui Moly Virtual Le Mans can be sent to [email protected]

Lets race!