Our tireless research into the current WAGs of Formula One led us to discover that the US-based Nascar scene also has its fair share of, well, talent. Fans of F1 will argue that the predominantly oval-based racing series is nowhere near as glamorous or refined as the global Formula One circus, but there can be no denying that the high-powered tin-top brigade certainly pulls in the crowds - and, by the looks of things, the ladies.

Catalina Maya is a Columbian-born model and actress married to one-time Nascar driver (and current Aston Martin Le Mans racer) Adrián Fernández.

Ingrid Vandebosch is a model and actress married to Nascar legend Jeff Gordon.

Niki Taylor is an international model married to racer Burney Lamar.

Samantha Busch is a model and fashion designer married to controversial driver Kyle Busch.

Former Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader Jordan Fish is dating Denny Hamlin.

Connie Montoya left the glitz and glamour of the Formula One WAGs club behind her when husband Juan Pablo left to race in the US.

Chandra Johnson is a model married to racer Jimmie Johnson, who is currently competing in the No. 48 Lowe's Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports.

Lynne Kushnirenko is a Canadian-born model married to racer AJ Allmedinger.

Former Sports Illustrated model Trisha Grablander is engaged to Nascar driver Casey Mears.

And last, but not least, lest we forget that Danica Patrick is currently competing in the Nascar series...