Kalle Rovenpera's dad let's him fling rally cars through the snow at breakneck speeds. Lots of dads let their kids do that, the only difference is that Kalle is 11. If that surname sounds familiar it's because Harri Rovenpera is an ex-WRC pilot that contested over 100 events on the world stage.

As with most Finns Harri, and now Kalle cut their teeth on the frozen lakes and dirt forest tracks. Watch the video below as this pre-teen slides a Subaru STi around with ease and precision. And here's another clip of  him in his own rally car at the ripe old age of 10. This kid is definitely a future WRC star, and possibly even the next Mika or Kimi if they ever let him near tar.

Apologies for the Finnish soundtrack, if you have any idea what they're saying, please send us a transcript.