We are all familiar with BMW's 2 Series, the coupe variant of the 1 Series range, and it seems that just in time for the last part of the SA summer we will have the BMW 2 Series Convertible. These pics were caught by WorldCarFans and show the all-new model out in public.

As you can see it shares the same face as the coupe model (and thankfully not the 1 Series) and similar taillamps, though we aren't quite sure what is going on under that black and white tape. The roll-over hoops are invariably temporary items, most likely because the test mule (or "werktestwagen" as the sticker on the rear bumper says) has much of the electronics disconnected.

Unlike the larger 4 Series convertible, don't expect a folding hard-top. In an effort to keep added mass and complexity to a minimum, the 2 Series Convertible will have a fabric folding roof.

We expect the engine line-up to mirror that of the fixed top range, barring the diesel-fed motor: a 220i and 235i will probably be the initial line-up with a 218i and 225i (as found in the 2 Series active Tourer) bolstering the range later.

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