After some leaked images of the upcoming 4 Series Convertible last week, BMW has decided it is time for the official release. Scanning the photographs, one thing is clear: it is a pretty machine!

The 4 Series will be slightly larger in width, track and wheelbase than the outgoing 3 Series Coupe but retain the typical short overhangs and flowing lines.

The roof
The roof will be a three-piece metal folding unit without a B-pillar when in the closed position. It is said to be able to retract in less than 20 seconds.

Apart from the standard model, three specifications namely Sport, Modern and Luxury, will be available to the customers with the option to specify individual interior and exterior accents. The M Sport package will also be available.

At launch, three engines will be available in the 4 Series Convertible that mimic those currently found in the 3 Series: the 180 kW, four-cylinder turbopetrol from the 328i, the 225 kW six-cylinder turbopetrol from the 335i and the 135 kW four-cylinder turbodiesel from the 320d. We expect to see the new engine from the M4 to be added at a much later stage.

No prices have been announced for the South African market yet.