BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

To successfully merge the defining elements of all the aforementioned body styles, the 5 Series GT was constructed using innovative and technologically-advanced production solutions to set a new standard in typical BMW quality. Safety for its occupants was a key objective for engineers of the 5 Series GT, so the intelligently conceived body was combined with numerous safety considerations and components in mind.

Engineers employed high-strength, ultra-high-strength steel and large percentage of aluminium components in the construction of the 5 Series GT to combine superior body strength with relatively low weight, as well as the added benefit of torsional stiffness. The bonnet, doors and front spring supports are made of aluminium – which makes the 5 Series GT BMW’s first four-door model to boast frameless side windows, and first large scale production BMW to feature doors in aluminium shell construction.

The front view of the 5 Series GT is characterized by the strong presence of a low-slung “kidney grille”, large air intakes and dual round headlights that have become BMW design staples. The “kidney grille” itself is slanted slightly towards the front, its upper edge marking the foremost point on the body. The famed “corona rings” in the headlights are now formed by LED lights, which also feature as positioning lights and combined with the optional xenon light package, also act as daytime driving lights.

Apart from its coupe-esque roofline, the 5 Series GT’s profile is highlighted by a characteristic “waistline” that begins at the trailing-edge of the headlamps and continues along the entire length of the car to merge with the taillight clusters. The 5 Series GT also boasts particularly large wheel arches to symbolize its sporting potential.

The design of the roofline and shoulder lines come together in the rear end, resulting in a spoiler lip on the rear lid, and particular fastback-style. The L-shape rear light clusters, another typical BMW design employ, are re-interpreted to extend far into the rear side panels to accentuate the full width of the 5 Series GT. The brake lights and indicators are also made up of LED light units.

The two-piece tailgate featured for the first time on a BMW, combines comfort and variability when loading the 5 Series GT. Made up of a small opening beneath the rear window and larger opening (like those on BMW’s X models) which feature independent opening and closing mechanisms, the entire rear tailgate is made up of a central pressure-cast aluminium frame. Both the small and the large tailgate opening come with bracket hinges turning to the outside, and the large opening also comes with its own Soft Close Automatic closing mechanism.

The 5 Series GT will enter the market with a choice of two petrol engines and one diesel unit. First up is the multiple award-winning turbocharged 3,0-litre straight six employed in the 535i Gran Turismo, newly-developed to combine turbocharger technology, high precision direct fuel injection and variable Valvetronic valve management, it produces 225 kW at 5 800 r/min and 400 N.m of torque from 1 200 to 5 000 r/min.

The 4,4-litre V8 used in the 550i Gran Turismo features twin turbochargers, direct fuel injection and is the range-topping petrol powerplant, developing 300 kW at 5 500 r/min and 600 N.m of torque from 1 750 to 4 500 r/min.

The diesel unit that does service in the 530d Gran Turismo is a 3,0-litre inline six-cylinder engine of the latest generation, featuring an all-aluminium crankcase as well as common-rail direct fuel injection with piezo injectors to produce 180 kW at 4 000 r/ min and 540 N.m at just 1 750 r/min.

All 5 Series GT models will come as standard with an eight-speed automatic transmission as featured on the twelve-cylinder 760i grand saloon, to offer an unprecedented level of shift comfort, sportiness and efficiency. The transmission makes a significantly greater contribution once again to the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions compared with the six-speed automatic transmission used by BMW up to now.

The eight forward gears and the reverse gear are provided by four simple gearsets and five shift units. The innovative arrangement of these components to be seen for the first time worldwide in an eight-cylinder automatic transmission offers the big advantage that only two of the total of five clutches are required to run along open in each gear, thus reducing frictional losses under all driving conditions to an absolute minimum.

The BMW 5 Series GT offers driving dynamics typical of the Bavarian marque thanks to the modern construction of its suspension as well as innovative control systems. The double track control arm front axle gives the car exactly the right balance of wheel guidance and damping duly separated from one another, absorbing adverse forces and minimising the influence of any such forces on the steering.

The Integral-V rear is made of aluminium and has been specifically optimised for the BMW 5 Series GT. Dynamic and drive forces acting on the suspension are taken up by the wheel mount, the rear axle subframe, the swing arm and three track control arms on each side.

The BMW 5 Series GT comes with Dynamic Drive ¬Control that allows individual set-up of the suspension according to driver requirements and preferences. This high-tech system varies the progressive curve of the gas pedal, engine response, the map control line supporting the steering (steering assistance), the shift dynamics of the eight-speed automatic transmission, and the response thresholds of DSC Dynamic Stability Control. Operated by a button on the centre console directly next to the gear selector lever, DDC allows the driver to choose among the NORMAL, SPORT and SPORT+ modes.

The 5 Series GT’s brake system is supported by DSC Dynamic Stability Control, with its wide range of individual functions. Over and above the stabilising effect provided by DSC, the system offers further functions promoting both safe and dynamic driving qualities. These include ABS anti-lock brakes, ASC Automatic Stability Control, Trailer Stability Control, CBC Cornering Brake Control as well as DBC Dynamic Brake Control automatically maximising brake pressure on both axles as soon as this function realises that the driver wishes to slow down as quickly as possible.

The interior has been designed to enhance the impression of personal luxury. All passenger compartment surfaces come in top-quality materials, the grained upper surface on the facia being available in Black and Dark Dolomiti. Apart from classic Black, the other colours are Ivory White, Cinnamon Brown, Veneto Beige, and Everest Grey. The wide range of seat upholstery and colour combinations includes standard black cloth and leather, while Dakota leather and exclusive Nappa leather are the more premium variants.

Expect the BMW 5 Series GT to feature interior niceties like the intuitive iDrive control system for all entertainment, navigation and telecommunication functions, as well as a Panoramic glass roof, optimized to ensure structural integrity and function. Measuring 1 160 mm in length and 942 mm in width the panoramic roof also features an electronic opening function up to 440 mm.

Safety features on the 5 Series GT include high-load-bearing structures, for generous deformation zones with forces acting on the car in a head-on collision diverted along several load paths throughout the car’s body. Within the interior not only frontal and hip/thorax airbags play an essential role, but also curtain airbags both front and rear, all come as standard. All seats come with three-point inertia-reel seat belts and belt force limiters with an additional belt latch tensioning function on the front seats.

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