BMW M5 Frozen Black Edition

Hot on the heels of the international launch of the F10 model M5 is the news that BMW’s new powerhouse will be offered with the option of Frozen models clad in a choice of three matte paint schemes.

The car pictured above was found as part of BMWs launch location photo portfolio and shows the 412 kW twin-turbo V8 M-car resplendent in Frozen (matt) black, but Frozen grey and Silverstone will also be made available as part of the Individual specification package.

Although the pictures don’t show this particular car’s interior treatment, it’s fair to assume that the Frozen treatment could also entail some model-specific trim detailing.

Whereas the M3 Frozen Edition found its way onto our market with such go-faster modifications as an AC Schnitzer exhaust system and re-mapped engine management system, there’s currently nothing to suggest that a similar treatment will be applied to the M5.

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