A likely rival to such premium compact SUV staples as the Freelander, Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLK, the BMW X1 is Bavarian marque’s smallest all-wheel drive offering

Available with a choice of three engines (one petrol and a pair of diesel units) and three trim levels, the X1 creates a niche in the company’s line up that will be occupied by those torn between the compact dimensions of the 1 Series and the practicality of the X3.

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Standard model

X1 sDrive18i MT R335 500

X1 sDrive20d MT R379 000

X1 xDrive20d MT R418 500

X1 sDrive18i AT R351 000

X1 sDrive20d AT R392 000

X1 xDrive20d AT R434 000

X1 xDrive23d AT R464 000


Innovations model

X1 sDrive18i MT R362 400

X1 sDrive20d MT R402 900

X1 xDrive20d MT R443 900

X1 sDrive18i AT R378 400

X1 sDrive20d AT R418 300

X1 xDrive20d AT R459 900

X1 xDrive23d AT R489 400


Exclusive model

X1 sDrive18i MT R361 800

X1 sDrive20d MT R402 300

X1 xDrive20d MT R445 200

X1 sDrive18i AT R377 800

X1 sDrive20d AT R418 300

X1 xDrive20d AT R461 200

X1 xDrive23d AT R490 700


Design Cool Elegance

X1 sDrive18i MT R360 400

X1 sDrive20d MT R400 900

X1 xDrive20d MT R430 900

X1 sDrive18i AT R376 400

X1 sDrive20d AT R416 900

X1 xDrive20d AT R446 900

X1 xDrive23d AT R479 400




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