BMW’s Crossover expansion

Believe it or not, but BMW has sold more than double the number of X6s globally it had thought it would. As a result, there is a rumour that a smaller X6-like model could be on the way…

Already called the X4, sources have told British magazine Autocar that the vehicle will resemble the X6, but be smaller, and that it has yet to receive the production green light.

The recipe could be remarkably similar to what is used for the X6 in one other significant way too… Just as X6 is spun off the X5 platform, the X4 could easily be developed off the upcoming new X3 architecture that will be introduced later this year.

Do we think there’s substance to the rumour? Well, BMW certainly is in a very experimental phase, it would appear, with future product plans rumoured to include a 3 Series GT with a shooting break bodystyle and even a small convertible crossover. We’d caution betting against it…



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