With the imminent arrival of the Chevrolet Trailblazer local fans of the "Bow Tie" will once again have an SUV offering to choose from. This newcomer won't, however, be the General's first vehicle of the type.

Way back before in 1976, before most of the current CAR team were born, there was the locally developed and built Chev Nomad. The topless car was named for its go-anywhere ability and even though it was only rear-wheel drive, a low mass a shade over a ton meant that it could trundle far off the beaten path.

Performance from the 2,5-litre four was leisurely as the Nomad strolled to 100 km/h in 38,6 seconds. There weren't many options on the list but the soft-top canopy was and set you back a whopping R140 driving the list price to R3 090.