In an interview with British publication What Car?, Honda’s head of development, Ted Klaus, has revealed more details about the upcoming Honda NSX.
As the Japanese manufacturer’s super car continues testing at the ‘Ring (see pictures above), it seems the car will go on sale early 2016, with the official unveiling set for the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2015.
More importantly, Klaus said that “we have to achieve the type of acceleration that the customer is achieving with the Ferrari, more importantly we have to achieve this every day and also at the Nürburgring”.

Fortunately, although Honda is aiming for Ferrari 458 Italia performance, the aim will be to offer the Honda at a price below that of the 458. He went as far as to say that the NSX will priced similar to that of Audi’s R8. We assume he means closer to that of R8 V10, which means around the R2 million mark.
In terms of sales, the company will also be looking to match Audi’s sales figures of the R8, commenting: “We will not seek to meet demand – there is value in making the product rare”.

It seems Honda will also be offering an open-top version, as well as a higher performance version. However, Klaus stipulated that these decisions, which do to first, still represent some challenges for them.

Efficiency, as expected, is part of the main agenda for the NSX. Klaus confirmed that NSX “will be the cleanest and most efficient super car in its class. The 911 is the most efficient performance car today and we will be well clear of that”.

The NSX will be powered by three electric motors (two powering the front wheels, one in the rear) and a twin-turbo, V6 petrol engine with a dual-clutch transmission.

What Car? Also reported that 80 customers have already pre-ordered cars in the UK, while that number is defintely higher in the USA.

Sources: What Car? and Motor Authority