Small SUVs seem to be on the rise. First came Nissan's Juke, then Renault's Duster and now Honda is about to unveil its contender at the Delhi Auto Show in a few weeks' time.

Initial speculation was that the Vezel Concept, as seen at the Detroit Show, will be the new small model destined for the Indian market. However, it turns out that an all-new design, based on the much smaller Brio city car, will form the basis of the little SUV known currently as the Vision XS-1.

From the official release:

Honda Vision XS-1 is a study model of a new crossover model which features sporty styling and outstanding utility space based on Honda’s unique packaging technologies.

Considering that we already receive the Indian-sourced Brio and it's larger sibling, the Brio Amaze, here in SA, it wouldn't surprise that this newcomer will also be launched here when it eventually makes it into production.