Jaguar's involvement with the Bloodhound SSC project is no secret. However, Jaguar's V8 supercharged engine won't only do duty in the Bloodhound SSC record car as a fuel pump, it has now powered an F-Type R Coupe to a new South African land speed record.

The previous record, which stood for 13 years, was set by Mike Griffiths in a Porsche 911 GT2 at 287 km/h. At Upington Airport, with a runway of 4,9 kilometres, the F-Type achieved 288 km/h in one direction, and 301 km/h in the other direction. The average came to 294,68 km/h.

Although the F-Type is limited to 300 km/h, Jaguar Land Rover decided not to remove the limiter.
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