Based on appearances alone, the JMC Boarding 4x4 Double Cab is not a favourite in our long-term fleet. But let’s drop the negative side for a bit and look at what the JMC Boarding has achieved in the last couple of months. It’s been pukka off-roading up a mountain, where it got stuck only once through the whole course due to a lack of a diff-lock, which would have helped through the deep holes and steep hills.

Not too long ago, the JMC was fitted with a canopy and a tow hitch which gave it a bit of a makeover. The JMC‘s engine might be somewhat outdated by now with all the new technology around today, but it’s an old 2,8-litre turbodiesel unit that will last for years. Four friends and I took a trip to Langebaan and the JMC carried all our camping gear and everyone was comfortably seated. With a full load at a cruising speed of a 100 km/h with the air-con on full blast we had a hassle free trip there and back. I just think the price is a little high for an Isuzu KB280 knock-off - it's just under R220 000 - but it comes with a three-year/100 000km warranty to sweeten the deal.