Lamborghini’s plan was to head to the Geneva Motor Show with a top-secret hypercar to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Well, plans change. Thanks to an unknown publication and, the car is no longer a secret. A few images of the not-so-secret Lamborghini Veneno have found its way onto the Internet.

This model's radical styling encompasses a large rear wing, massive wheels, a deeply vented (almost F1 car-like) nose and vast air vents ahead of the rear wheels. The Lamborghini Veneno draws its power from a 6,5-litre V12 powerplant that pushes out an impressive 552 kW. Mated with a seven-speed ISR robotized gearbox, this engine will reportedly propel the car to a top speed of 354 km/h.

Priced at around 3,57 million Euros, there are only three very well-heeled people in the world that will own this limited-edition Raging Bull and all of these Venenos are already spoken for.

More details about this car will be revealed when it makes its public debut in Geneva this week.