Lexus isn't usually associated with excitement in same vein as some of the other marques. But the Lexus RC F GT3 Concept will surely change people's view of the Japanese luxury brand. This high-tech racer, based on the RC F coupe, will make its debut later this week at the 2014 Geneva International Motor Show.

This concept has been developed to meet GT3 international racing regulations. It features a highly tuned version of the donor car's naturally aspirated V8 producing 397 kW and weighs just 1 250 kg - for a power to mass ratio of 317 kW/tonne. Lexus RC F GT3 racecars will hit the tracks in 2015, with vehicle testing commencing this year.

Lexus SA General Manager, Justin Ryan, concedes that, “motorsport is an exciting new channel for Lexus and gives the brand an opportunity to showcase its credentials in the arena of vehicle dynamics, while also complementing its focus on design.”

We somehow can't imagine ever seeing a Lexus racecar on local tracks, as great as that would be...