As such a high number of test cars pass through our garage on a weekly basis, it’s occasionally a real struggle to find enough time to drive out long-termers (yes, we know, yearn for your pity…).

To make sure I do enough miles in the XC60, I’ve made a point of using it during the week on my commute rather than leaving it for weekends. With 180 N.m and 350 N.m, this is hardly a chore. My 70 km round trip even includes a few twisty sections that can be taken with some enthusiasm before the chunky tyres start protesting.

Those tyres (235/60 R18) really enhance the ride on rutted urban roads, and the compromise between modestly entertaining dynamics and a cosseting ride is one that suits me just fine.

It appears the average fuel has settled around the 9,6 litres/100 km mark. Volvo’s widespread touting of its Drive-E technology initially led me to believe it would be lower, but it’s still truly excellent considering the XC60’s mass and the power on tap.

The Volvo was the vehicle of choice during a recent long-weekend trip to the quaint town of McGregor. Those who have done a holiday which involved air travel will know what a luxury it is to go adventuring in a car. You can pack to your heart’s content, which is especially true in the case of the roomy XC60..

I’ve also loaded more music onto the 10 GB hard drive, which now has close to 1 500 songs yet isn’t full.

Although this is a front-wheel-drive model, a trip or two on gravel roads is still on the cards.

Mileage on arrival: 107 km
Current mileage:
7 335 km
Average fuel consumption:
9,63 L/100 km
We like:
space and versatility of luggage compartment
We don’t like: slight vibration on brake pedal when wipers are activated

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