It is not uncommon for a volume manufacturer to team up with a smaller specialist or team in the automotive industry to offer greater customising options or tuning expertise. After all, that is how some of the best long-term relationships were formed such as Mercedes-Benz AMG for example.

Now it seems tht Lotus has also decided to team up with specialist car tuner Mansory. According to reports, Mansory will become Lotus’s “official customisation studio”. This means that the German company will be responsible for changes that customers might require in terms of bodywork, trim and special finishes. Who, knows, with Lotus in dire need to deliver on its promise to launch five new cars in the next few years, the tie up with Mansory could have a positive effect on its future cars. After all, Lotus and Mansory have previously worked together on the 326 kW Evora GTE - a car shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year.

One of Mansory's standout features is the fact that it doesn’t specialise on a single manufacturer, but has worked on several marques, including Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborgini and even McLaren and Rolls-Royce.