The Harley-Davidson Motor Company doesn’t launch new models each year. Lots of customisation tweaks, sure, but few major changes. This year, however, there is one and the local launch of the new Street 750 took place at the recent Ultimate X 2015 international challenge at Grand West Arena.

The first new platform introduced into Africa in 14 years the new Street 750 shares many similarities with the V-Rod within the company's Dark Custom range. Firstly, it shares a same 60-degree angle between cylinders, as opposed to the 45-degree bend traditionally found in Harleys. Secondly, the Street 750 is liquid cooled and, thirdly, it produces its maximum power of 42 kW at a high 8 000 r/min. This is as opposed to the Iron 883 that puts out 39 kW at 5 750 r/min. In order to achieve these higher revs the engine is particularly over-square, a bore of 85 mm and a stroke of 66 mm respectively .Comparing torque, the Iron 883 has 70 N.m at 3 750 r/min while the 750 maxes at 59 N.m at 4 000 r/min. A six-speed transmission is used to make full use of the rev band.

So, what is the styling like? The most prominent feature of Harleys, apart from that vee-twin, is the fuel tank. The traditional one (still used in Sportster models, Iron 883 and the 1200 “48”) is the peanut tank. This short and tall unit is very small, only holding 12,5-litres . Then there are the tanks used on Custom versions, otherwise known as the walnut tank. This wider, lower, and altogether sleeker design holds 17-litres. Now the Street 750 uses a brand-new design. Wider but ultimately flatter than the walnut tank it holds 13-litres.

A small black cowl surrounds the headlamp and the exhaust is a two into one unit. While most of the bike is blacked out colour options include Vivid Black, Denim Black and Fire Red.

Another feature of the 750 is a low 709 mm seat height. This is nearly as low as the 883 Superlow (695 mm). The dual seat is slim almost looking like a solo, while the foot pegs are mid-mounted. Along with this we also see alloy wheels smaller than those of the 883.

Overall mass has been trimmed down to just 206 kg.

Harley-Davidson is aiming its new Street 750 at a somewhat younger audience looking for a less intimidating entry-point to this famous brand.

We expect to get one for a road test soon

Best of all is the special deal offered for the launch:

- The Street 750 will cost R89 995
- Including two years of motorcycle insurance
- Including a three years/16 000 km service plan
- Including a R5 000 voucher to spend on Harley-Davidson gear

Check the more deals out at your local Harley-Davidson outlet.