After several months of rumours and spy pictures, Mercedes-Benz has finally revealed the latest addition to its S-Class range, the Mercedes-Maybach S600.
The fact that the car was unveiled only hours apart at both the Los Angeles Auto Show and Auto Guangzhou in China, clearly illustrates how important this car is for Mercedes-Benz in both these markets.

At 5 453 mm long and with a wheelbase of 3 365 mm, the new M-M S600 is 20 cm longer in both dimensions compared with the standard long-wheelbase S-Class. The Maybach's focus is without a doubt on the comfort of the rear passengers. Mercedes claims that in the rear the M-M S600 is the quietest production sedan in the world.

Mercedes-Benz has opted to upgrade the exterior of the Maybach S600 with subtle tweaks. Most of these changes are to offer better air flow over the car. The result is a Cd value of only 0,26.
Other changes were done to give the sedan an even more sophisticated and luxurious stance.

Powering this compact limousine is Mercedes-Benz’s well-known 6,0-litre, V12, biturbo engine. Developing 390 kW and 830 N.m from a low 1 900 r/min, this engine develops enough thrust to propel this heavyweight from standstill to 100 km/h in a claimed 5,0 seconds.
The S600 wasn't the only Maybach model launched. Mercedes-Maybach will also offer the M-M S500 (fitted with the 4,7-litre, biturbo V8 engine) with further models planned for the future.

Original story
Mercedes-Benz revived the revered Maybach brand in the late-1990s but achieved only middling success. Struggling to find buyers for the 57 and 62 models (which, under the skin, were simply re-engineered previous-generations S-Class models), the last Maybach model was manufactured at the end of 2012.

The German manufacturer will hope for more success with a fresh Maybach strategy. Instead of positioning it as a standalone brand, the Maybach name will be suffixed to ultra-luxurious S-Class models. The Mercedes-Maybach S600 is the first (the double-barrel name denotes it as a sub-brand, just like Mercedes-AMG). Answering an apparent demand for a bespoke S-Class, the M-M S600 will have a stretched wheelbase (placing it between the S600L and the upcoming Pullman limousine) that frees up even more rear legroom (in turn allowing for new, fully reclining seats) and unique finishes (including extensive quilting as seen in the example in the pictures).

The M-M S600 will premiere at the end of this month, and Mercedes-Benz has hinted that further Maybach versions are in the pipeline.