Remember that ad by the tap company, Tivoli, of the woman who could’t pronounce “Tivoli” and only managed to do so when ice cold water poured all over her? Well, SsangYong probably got aroused by the ad and decided to develop a small crossover: the Tivoli.

Tivoli, a city in Rome notorious for style and flair, was the inspiration for perhaps one of SsangYong’s most beautiful cars ever made. Having been under development for the past three years, the Tivoli will be launched in Korea in January 2015, where after it will be exported to the rest of the world, including South Africa.

The Tivoli will be SsangYong’s smallest and least expensive vehicle and will be powered by 1,6-litre petrol and diesel engines.

Inside, SsangYong says, owners will be greeted by a stylish, contemporary look and it “offers the driver and passengers easy connectivity to their IT devices.

“Mahindra South Africa and its dealers are looking forward to the arrival of the Tivoli next year as it will immediately launch us into a major growth sector of the local market with a well-equipped modern vehicle that will be priced competitively,” commented the CEO of Mahindra SA, Ashok Thakur.