Problematic BMW

I drive a 2002 E46 BMW 320i with 245 000 km on the odo. Every morning when I drive to work, the car feels as if it’s misfiring and underpowered and, when I stop and let it idle, it sounds erratic, like the timing is out.

I have taken it for computer diagnoses (not at BMW but at independent garages) and the OBC keeps saying all systems are normal. The strange part is that, if I start it and let it idle for about five minutes, switch it off and then start it again, it idles beautifully as if nothing is wrong. Can you please shed some light on what this gremlin could be?


It sounds like the water-temperature sensor, which tells the control unit to enrich the mixture when the engine is cold, is not working. If all else fails, I suggest you take the car to a BMW specialist.

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