Courtesy of Toyota’s Calty think-tank design studio in California comes this Toyota U2 concept. They’re calling it another new breed of SUV – the Urban Utility concept car – hence the U2 moniker.

The idea is a car that apparently reflects a DIY revival apparently popular in American cities right now and, as such, the car has a customizable interior architecture. Practicality is the U2’s calling card with tailgate that folds down to create a ramp, as well as a rail system that allows one to customise the interior just the way you want it.

A “flexible, functional gadget” is another phrase Toyota use to describe the concept car and this includes details such as a retractable utility bar that can do anything from hold a desk to provide hooks for shopping bags, and a folding, removable front passenger seat.

The exterior design echoes this functionality with customisable side panels, retracting roof panels, opening rear glass that slides into the tailgate and, as mentioned earlier, that drop-down tailgate that forms a load ramp.

In terms of looks, it might be functional, be it certainly isn’t pretty. It’s not a very coherent piece of design with a front end appears to be somewhere between a Nissan Murano and the new Range Rover, while the backend looks like it’s been borrowed from a delivery van.

The U2 makes its public debut at the World Maker Faire currently being held in New York. And what is a Makers Faire you may ask? Good question – we had to Google it. It appears to be part science fair, party country fair, part hipster gathering that is “primarily designed to be forward-looking, showcasing makers who are exploring new forms and new technologies.”