We recently discovered that buying a new vehicle equipped with a four-cylinder engine is by no means a guarantee that it will be cheap (check out our list of the 8 most expensive four-cylinder vehicles in SA for confirmation). But what if you want six cylinders … and want to pay as little as possible?

Well, we've had a search through South Africa's new passenger vehicle market (take note that we've excluded commercial vehicles from this list) to unearth the 11 least expensive six-pot vehicles currently on offer. Needless to say, specifying a sixsome of cylinders can be an expensive exercise, but these are the cheapest currently out there…

1. Dodge Journey 3,6 R/T: R512 900

Dodge Journey
The cheapest six-cylinder new passenger vehicle in SA is the Dodge Journey equipped with a 3,6-litre V6. This engine is worth 206 kW and 353 N.m, which is sent to the front wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission.

2. Subaru Legacy 3,6 R-S Premium: R595 000

Subaru Legacy
The horizontally opposed six-cylinder in the Legacy sedan sends 191 kW and 350 N.m to all four corners via Subaru's surprisingly pleasant continuously variable transmission. The sprint to three figures takes a claimed 7,2 seconds.

3. Infiniti QX50 3,0d: R596 949

Infiniti QX50
A turbodiesel SUV from Infiniti slots in at number three, with its oil-burning V6 churning out 175 kW and 550 N.m, which the Japanese automaker says is enough for a 7,9-second sprint to 100 km/h. Drive is to all four wheels via a seven-speed automatic transmission.

4. Jeep Wrangler 3,6L Sahara: R603 900

Jeep Wrangler
Like the Journey above, the Wrangler employs a 3,6-litre V6. But in this application, the naturally aspirated petrol engine makes 209 kW and 347 N.m, and is mated to an all-wheel-drive system via an old-school five-speed auto. The dash to 100 km/h? A claimed 8,9 seconds...

5. Subaru Outback 3,6 R-S Premium: R617 000

Subaru Outback
The flagship Outback shares its heart with the Legacy sedan above, and its peak outputs are thus identical. Thanks likely to its added heft, this Outback takes four-tenths longer (at 7,6 seconds) to hit 100 km/h from standstill.

6. Toyota FJ Cruiser: R622 700

Toyota FJ Cruiser
There's just a single derivative left in Toyota's local FJ Cruiser line-up, and it's powered by the Japanese brand's familiar 4,0-litre V6. The free-breathing six-pot makes a pleasingly round 200 kW and 380 N.m, and comes connected to an all-wheel-drive system that includes low-range. Expect it to gallop to three figures in about 7,6 seconds.

7. BMW M140i 5-door: R640 726

BMW M140i
The only hatch on this list, the M140i employs BMW's familiar 3,0-litre inline-six, which sends its 250 kW and 500 N.m to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox (specifying an eight-speed auto will add a little more than R20 000 to the price). In stick-shift form, the M140i hits 100 km/h in a claimed 4,8 seconds.

8. Infiniti Q70 3,7 GT: R651 154

Infiniti Q70
The second Infiniti on the list, this Q70 sedan derivative uses a 3,7-litre V6 worth 235 kW and 360 N.m, sent to the rear rubber via a seven-speed automatic transmission. The claimed dash to three figures? Some 6,2 seconds…

9. Jeep Cherokee 3,2L Limited: R658 900

Jeep Cherokee
This version of the Cherokee makes use of a V6 directing 200 kW and 315 N.m to the front wheels via a nine-speed automatic. The result is a claimed 8,1-second dash to 100 km/h.

10. BMW M240i coupé: R660 026

BMW M240i
Sharing its 3,0-litre turbocharged inline-six with the M140i above, the coupé version makes 50 N.m less, but matches the 1 Series on its 0-100 km/h time when fitted with a manual gearbox.

11. Nissan 370Z coupé: R661 900

Nissan 370Z
The final spot on the list belongs to the Nissan 370Z. The 3,7-litre V6 under this ageing model's bonnet is mated to a six-speed manual transmission (going for the auto adds R19 000, in this case), and the Japanese automaker says it'll reach three figures in 5,3 seconds.

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