At CAR magazine, we take every new vehicle we feature to our test strip to gather data for our in-depth road tests. Sometimes, we see some pretty underwhelming results. Below we have listed the worst 0-100 km/h times we've collected over the past 12 months. Yes, these are the slowest-accelerating cars from the pool of 99 vehicles we tested in 2017...

5. Nissan NP200 1,5 dCi ICE: 14,44 seconds (claimed n/a)

Nissan NP200 ICE
The Nissan NP200 has been around for a relative age, so we didn’t expect it to achieve record-breaking times. With its 1,5-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, the NP200 ICE churns out an honest 63 kW and 200 N.m.

4. Renault Sandero Stepway 66 kW Turbo Dynamique: 14,68 seconds (claimed 11,1 seconds)

Renault Sandero Stepway
For a car that Renault boasts uses an engine with "F1 technology", the Sandero Stepway disappoints in the sprinting stakes. Its 898 cc turbo-triple engine provides it with 66 kW, but takes almost 15 seconds to hit 100 km/h ... and that makes it slower than its naturally aspirated forebear.

3. Volkswagen Cross Up! 1,0: 14,86 seconds (claimed 13,5 seconds)

VW Cross Up!
The Cross Up! is a promising budget offering with a surprisingly dynamic chassis. But don’t expect to get big results out of that 55 kW 1,0-litre three-cylinder engine...

2. Fiat Panda 0,9 TwinAir Cross 4x4: 15,1 seconds (claimed 11,2 seconds)

Fiat Cross Panda
The 875 cc two-cylinder configuration found under the Panda’s bonnet has its strong points, but it looks like speed isn't one of them. With 63 kW on tap, the little crossover is able to hit 100 km/h in just over 15 seconds.

1. Mahindra TUV300 1,5 CRDE T8: 16,89 seconds (claimed - n/a)

Mahindra TUV300
The Indian manufacturer’s tank-inspired SUV truly is an honest offering ... and that 1,5-litre turbodiesel three-cylinder sending 74 kW to the rear struggles to get it up to speed. Its blocky shape probably doesn't help its cause either.

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