A fresh report out of the United States suggests that Alfa Romeo will kill off its 4C Coupé in the very near future, although the 4C Spider will apparently live on.

According to Motor Authority, the surviving Spider version of the sportscar will be a little more expensive than before.

Danny Pritt, who is the product manager for the 4C, told the US publication that the coupé would be discontinued “after the 2018 model year”. As the report points out, the Italian automaker has already confirmed plans to build a Giulia-based coupé bearing to the GTV badge, which would likely step into the breach.

Changes to the 4C Spider, according to the report, will include the addition of a reversing camera (now mandatory on new vehicles in the US) and the scrapping of the so-called “Track Package” offered in the States.

Late in 2017, Alfa Romeo’s engineering chief said that the automaker had plans to thoroughly revise the 4C, with a new engine even under consideration. For now at least, those plans appear to be on ice.

In South Africa, the 4C Coupé is currently priced at R1 173 900, while the 4C Spider comes in at R1 352 900.