Aston Martin’s chief creative officer says he is "fed up" with people saying that all of the Gaydon-based automaker’s products look alike.

“I guess I am just fed up with all the comments that all the cars look the same,” Marek Reichman told CarAdvice.

“You have to understand that within the company, we were relatively constrained in that prior period. To do things like the One-77 or Vantage Zagato was a breath of fresh air for me because they were all brand-new, you know,” he added, before pointing to the differences between the DB11 and the new Vantage.

“It’s like the handcuffs came off with Andy and our new business plan, and I am able to put all that energy into the core. So, for me it’s like ‘hallelujah’, we can finally show what we are really capable of doing.”

Reichman told the Australian publication that while “each product has its customer” and therefore its own “look feel and drive", they’re each still centred on the concept of beauty.

“It’s all around beauty still, but different variations of beauty. So if I think about DB11: that’s going to Savile Row, getting a suit made, or going to a kendo class and learning to use a sword and being very ceremonial about your experience.

“Vantage is about kicking some butt, it’s about driving, it’s about enjoying the driving feel, it’s more agile, it’s more stripped down. It doesn’t have all the intricacies of the DB11 in terms of aerodynamics because we’ve put it all the aero into the body … it doesn’t need all the aero aids,” he explained.